National Econ Challenge:

Who should join:

Anyone! Students who have taken AP Economics will be put in one group (Adam Smith)

while students who have not taken AP Economics will be put in another group (David

Ricardo). So, you can be sure that you will be competing with people of similar skill


How it works:

Teams of 3-4 people take an online qualifying test of 30 questions in 30 minutes (each

person takes the exam separately). The top 3 scores from each team are added

together to get the final score. The top 5 teams of each region will advance to States,

where both a written and buzzer round will take place.  Winners of states take a longer test

to filter out the top four teams in the nation, who get to travel to New York, on an all expenses

paid trip, where they compete for the top spot.


February -March: Online Testing at School

Early April: Northern California State Finals in San Francisco

Early April: Southern California State Finals in Los Angeles

Late April: National Semi-Final Written Test

Late May: National Competition in New York